Thursday, February 20, 2020

Reading Notes: Mahabharata (Part B)

21. House of Fire, C. A. Kincaid

  • What message was passed to Yudhishthira?
  • POV from the night of the fire?
    • Or even just more detailed
33. Arjuna and Subhadra, Donald A. Mackenzie

  • Rewrite as a drama at the palace after Subhadra disappears

Not a whole lot of inspiration with this reading. It's probably the sleep deprivation. :)

I'm... So... Tired...
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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Reading Notes: Mahabharata (Part A)

2. King Shantanu and Ganga, Donald A. Mackenzie

  • Seeing the babies cast into the river from the King's perspective
  • Palace servants opinions on the children suddenly going missing?
  • Why did Ganga not just tell Shantanu what she was doing?
8. Kunti and her Son, Donald A. Mackenzie
  • How did Radha's husband feel about her bringing home a rindim child?
  •  What was Karna's trio down the river like?
9. Pandu and His Wives, Donald A. Mackenzie
  • This is twice now that he's killed a deer only to find out it was a human
    • What has to be going through Pandu's head???
  • I'm also imagining the second interaction as a cop getting chewed out by a thug for arresting him mid-activity
18. The Arrival of Karna, Donald A. Mackenzie
  • How would this have gone if Kunti had claimed Karna?
Not related to the reading at all, just a visual representation of me losing my mind over the last two weeks

Friday, February 7, 2020

Storybook Plan

I decided to do a storybook! While it might be a tad more work in the end, I think I'll have more fun doing a storybook rather than a portfolio.

My theme will be reincarnation. The reader will cycle through three lives as different animals featured in the Ramayana.

I had thought to make it an interactive story where the reader can choose which order in which to reincarnate, but that maybe a little too complicated to make all of the possible outcomes flow together.

I found this article on that I think will be a useful crash course on the religion my stories will be based on.

The stories will likely be written in second person. This is an uncommon method, but I think the perspective will fit with the storytelling well.

I had previously identified three possible stories to get inspiration from in my Topic Research post, and I think Kumbhakarna from part D this week could also be a good resource!

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CLICK HERE to check out my storybook!

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2/7/2020 - I've just put up my storybook site! It's still a work in progress, hence the current status of the homepage. Go have a look!

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Week 4 Story: Lakshmana threatens Sugriva

How did I get here again? Lakshmana thought to himself as he strode towards the heavy chamber doors that led to Sugriva's throne room. Right, the ungrateful bastard has decided to ignore all of the help my dear brother gave him in regaining his throne and, more importantly, the debt that is owed.

Lakshmana had watched Rama pace the floor of their house for nearly three months now. Sugriva had sworn to assist the brothers in locating and retrieving Rama's wife, Sika. Preparations with the troops and planning strategies should have begun at least a month prior to this, and the deadline was approaching for the agreed upon timeline. Tired of watching his older brother slowly come unravelled, Lakshmana had decided to handle the matter himself.

He threw open the doors and stormed into the great chamber. "Sugriva!" He bellowed. The cry echoed off of the walls of the enormous room and brought the music to a halt and all eyes to him. Sugriva had been hosting yet another party. Good. This meant there would be many, many witnesses to pressure the king into fulfilling his promise.

"Lakshmana, my dear boy, what brings you to this marvelous shindig? I figured you and your brother would never come to my home. I've sent the both of you close to 100 invites now... Where is Rama? I must once again thank him for his help in restoring me to my throne." As Sugriva went to move around Lakshmana in search of Rama, he suddenly found himself hoisted by the neck and pinned against a pillar. The guards made a move for their weapons and began closing in on the pair, but Sugriva waved them down.

Lakshmana cleared the red haze of anger that had clouded his vision and released Sugriva's neck. He slumped to the floor, clutching his throat and gasping for breath. He then spoke loud enough for the whole party to hear, "my brother is still at home, pacing a hole in our floor, because you have decided to neglect your end of the bargain for your assistance in bringing his dear Sita back to him. Now Ramam is a gentle, forgiving soul, but I am not. It would do you well to get your lazy, self-centered ass up off of whatever lounging chaise you've been having the maids hand feed you your dinner on before I chop it off and serve it to you on a platter. Do you understand me?"

The silent room let out a collective gasp at the threat on their kings person, but no one stepped forward to defend him. They were all mostly in shock at the idea that the great Sugriva had neglected his debts.

"Yes Lakshmana, I understand you completely. I will begin gathering my troop tonight so that their training my start tomorrow."

"You had better. If I had have to come down here and talk to you again, there will be pain," Lakshmana practically growled before spinning on his heel and exiting the room through the door he had entered, doing his best to slam the heavy slab of wood on his way out.

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This story is meant as a fill-in-the-gap or behind-the-scenes type of thing. The gap that was open to be filled was how Lakshmana convinced Sugriva to honor his promise to Rama in The Armies. I hope you enjoyed it!

Reading Notes: Part D

63. Indrajit, Sister Nivedita

  • Rewrite from Rama's perspective
    • Sita's wailing wakes him
    • Then Garuda appears
      • Very Christmas Carol
64. Kumbhakarna, Donald A. Mackenzie
  • The elephants could be one of the reincarnations for my storybook!
70. Battle of Rama and Ravana, Sister Nivedita
  • It is mentioned that the gods had fated Rama to kill Ravana
    • TV show?
    • Game of DnD?

Dungeons and Dragons via Dyess Air Force Base

79. Sita Daparts, Sister Nivedita
  • I want Sita to be angry when she first receives Rama's summons. He abandons her for YEARS and suddenly wants to make amends?
80. Rama Departs, Sister Nivedita
    • I want a reunion goddamnit!

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Reading Notes: Part C

42. Sugriva's Story, Geraldine Hodgson

  • A retelling of Vali's fight with the beast could be fun
    • From Vali's of Sugravi's perspective
44. Vali's Death, Romesh Dutt
  • I would really love to rewrite this so the brothers work things out rather than trying to kill each other
47. The Armies, Donald A. MacKenzie and Romesh Dutt
  • An expansion on the seen where Rama threatens the kings life would be interesting
    • How did that conversation go?
    • How did everyone else in the room react?
53. Sita and Ravana, Sister Nivedita
  • How many times has Ravana asked her to join him?
  • What has Sita's imprisonment been like from her perspective?
  • What if one of the guards had a change of heart?
57. The Burning of Lanka, Sister Nivedita
  • I can just imagine Hanuman's smugness when his binding is released
  • A telling of this story from his perspective would be fun to write
Rama and Sita via Flickr